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Happy & Healthy Living
CoralApp is a new generation fitness and wellness app built on blockchain technology. We offer you a toolbox of cutting edge technologies to stay fit - both physically and mentally. It comes with a caring community that will cheer for you along the way.
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Our official launch is scheduled for early Q4 2022. If you want to be part of our journey, please leave us a note and we'll get back to you.
The CoralApp application will allow users to experience wellness and fitness in person and in the Metaverse - powered by blockchain technology.

During the pandemic, we've all experienced what it means to get disconnected from the people we love. At the same time, we’ve also learned how the digital world enables new ways of social interaction, offering new possibilities going forward.

Some of the things we’ve learned will probably transform the way we live, work and play for good. So why not change it for the better?
Our mission is to create a diverse global community of future-focused people who aim to pursue a happy and healthy lifestyle.
CoralApp Features
The fitness section of the app is loaded with fun features such as step tracking, personal, group, and corporate challenges that offer incentives and rewards.
From diet and nutrition tracking to meditation and mental health, users can find it all in the wellness section of our app.

The CoralApp community is a place where people can freely discuss topics that matter to their health and wellness, as well as schedule meetings with leading professionals.

A marketplace that allows creators to offer their wellness and fitness video and audio as NFTs and users to buy or rent fitness and wellness content.
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What Makes CoralApp Unique?
There are many fitness and wellness apps out there, but none of them look like CoralApp.
Seamless Experience
CoralApp merges multiple health tech and social media features into one single app. Users can now engage with wellness and fitness activities on one single app that is centered around a community of like minded people.
Payment System Agnostic
CoralApp offers fast borderless payment transactions for all users irrespective of their location. The CRL token makes it easy for users to acquire whatever they desire within the wellness and fitness features of the app.
Incentivized Participation
The app has features that allow users to earn through engagement and providing good content in the community and also by joining fitness challenges that allow them to win races for tokens and badges.
Community Driven
Community members will be at center of our success. The community will be at the driver seat, voting to make important decisions within the CoralApp ecosystem.
Holder Rewards
In the future, users will be able to stake their tokens to earn more CRL while supporting the CoralApp network. This will incentivize users who intend to keep their tokens long term with more tokens which also increase their voting power.
Blockchain Adoption Focused
The CoralApp is designed for a diverse audience. However, the CoralApp team plans also attracts non-crypto enthusiasts that are fitness and wellness focused to join a community that offers a soft landing into the latest advancement in technology.
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Are you a wellness, fitness, or mindfulness content creator?
CoralApp is pushing the creator economy by crowd sourcing high quality wellness, fitness, and mindfulness content globally.

Advantages of Working with Us
Autonomy and flexible schedule of content offering.
Payment agnostic platform (fiat and crypto*)
Ability to be at the forefront of the future of Web3 integration.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions you cannot find an answer to? Join the conversation in our Telegram group or follow us on Twitter to engage with us.
When will CoralApp launch?
We will launch our beta product by the end of Q2 2022 and the official project launch is scheduled for early Q4 2022. Our tokenomics will be available prior to the launch and ample time will be given to interested community members to join the token sale event.
Will CoralApp have a token?
Yes, CoralApp will have a token specifically for the CoralApp ecosystem. Our ticker will be $CRL.
What blockchain does CoralApp use?
CoralApp is built as a multichain application we will be accessible on several networks including Binance BSC, Polygon, Avalanche (EVMs), Solana, and the Zilliqa platform which is known for its fast confirmations, high security standards, eco-friendliness and low fees.
Can I work for CoralApp?
CoralApp is always excited to hear from those who find our project cool and will like to contribute. Over the next few months, CoralApp will be scaling and need more developers and business development managers. Connect with us!