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What is CoralApp
CoralApp is a wellness, mindfulness and fitness community and marketplace developed using blockchain features. We designed a platform that is community focused and thrives on the strength and support of everyone to create an atmosphere where everyone (irrespective of who you are or where you come from) can achieve your health goals.

Not another marketplace!
No, we understand exactly how you feel and no, this is not your average marketplace! For content creators, think of Uber and their drivers, but you get the freedom to set your own price for your content. I know, you can do that now with your own private app. We hear ya! However, CoralApp brings you 3 exciting benefits - gain an international audience who will have practically no barrier to buy or rent your content and you earn when they rent or buy a copy of your fitness content, lastly, you own your content. Because your files will be uploaded by you as a form of NFTs, the ownership tracking your content back to you is easy! Yes, you are welcome!
So, how do I earn from this model?
We are so glad you asked! Content creators can earn when their content is either bought or rented out. For instance, let's assume you upload a minute long video content and price it as follows:

  • At $1 for a 3 day rental.
  • Offer a sale price of a copy for unlimited access by 1 user at $3.99.
  • Get 300 users to rent for 3 days or a 100 users to buy a copy of your workout in a 30 day period, you earn $699 for that period of time.
Wait, there is more (is this starting to feel like an infomercial? Sorry, we are testing out our swag).

The platform will have subscribed users and Gym pass NFT owners engaging with the platform at a flat rate per month a portion of this will go to the content creator based on the engagement with your content.

And if you are a metaverse fan, then live sessions in metaverse attract an average fee of $2.99 per session per user which if 30 users join costs $90 for a 1 hour session. If you do 4 in a month, that's an extra $360* on top of your regular content in the marketplace.
All good, but what’s the catch?
Of course, we are not Uber but we do have fees. The platform fee will be 5% on every transaction*. Also, for our users who hold an unlimited pass, you will get compensated for their use of your content if they engage with you content. The exact compensation structure is currently TBD.

Overall Advantages of Working with Us
1. A supportive diverse community of people looking for fitness, wellness, and coaching experience with a non-judgment mantra.
2. Ability to be at the forefront of the future of Web3 integration.
3. Autonomy and flexible schedule of content offering.
4. Advance technology support for AR/VR fitness, wellness, and wellness instruction.
5. Payment agnostic platform (fiat and crypto*).
6. Ability to expand your reach and client base locally and internationally through virtual classes.
7. True ownership and control of your content.
8. Ability to set your own price and adjust as you see fit.

The Challenge of Working with Us
Yes, we agree it is not all flowers and rainbows! We are looking for creators that can present great content for our users. Our challenge to all our current and future creators? Create good engaging content that our international audience cannot ignore! Happy creating!

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*All figures are just examples and not guaranteed
*Subject to approval/confirmation of regulatory compliance

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